Sanders Netball Club

Sanders Netball Club History

‘Sanders Netball Club' derived its name from ‘Sanders Solicitors’ that kindly sponsored the team up until September 2014.

 A few players from a former Basildon team originally formed the club. They started out in Basildon District Netball League in 1998 and in 2002 changed their name to Sanders.

 In 2004 the club grew and entered a team into the Essex Metropolitan league, playing in Redbridge. In 2005/06 Sanders grew further by entering a team into the South Essex Thurrock Netball League.

 In 2007 Sanders decided to withdraw from the Essex Met League to play within the Southend League. This has proved a successful move.

Due to increased enquiries from players wishing to join the Club, Sanders NC started a fourth team in 2011. Originally entering to SETNA, but moving to Basildon from Sept 2011 Sanders Blue is the newest team in the Club.

Each player that joins the club can be registered to play in all three leagues(if they do not already play for another club). Each player will have a first team but are often asked to play for one of the other  teams, if eligible.

Sanders prides itself on being a friendly and social club and tries to arrange as many events as possible ranging from an annual bowling night right through to it's yearly netball weekend at Potters in Norfolk.