Sanders Netball Club

Sanders Netball Club Basildon Black squad

Basildon Black

Captain : Debbie Leverson

Manager/Captain - Basildon Black
Debbie has been with Sanders for a few years now, registering in winter 2008 and is a first team player for
Basildon Black.  A fierce winger in either attack or defence and always fights hard during any game.  She can also be seen assisting when required for the Thurrock team.  A committee member and Web Editor.

Vice Captain : Jo Whittington

Basildon Black Vice-Captain
Jo started off playing defence for Sanders in 2007 but her versatility means she is often seen playing in all sorts of positions from Centre to Goal Defence.  She is a first team player for
Basildon Black and helps the Thurrock team when required.  Jo is currently out of action following the birth of her baby, but will soon be back.

Lauren Blackhall

Committee Member
Since joining Sanders in winter 2008 Lauren’s fitness, eagerness and skills have become a great asset to the Club.  She is a first team player for
Basildon and helps where needed for Thurrock, a versatile player who can play most positions on court.  Lauren is currently Basildon Black scorer as is on a maternity break.

Jo Cassidy

Club Secretary
Jo began playing for Sanders in winter 2007.  She is a formidable GK and is a first team player for Basildon Black
.  She has also been seen playing regularly for Thurrock when needed and her on court antics keep the Club much amused.  She has been elected as Club Secretary and as a member of the Committee she also holds the role of Social Secretary.

Felicity Dennis

Felicity began playing for the Thurrock team as WD in Winter 2009.  She helped out on a number of occasions for the Southend team and is a regular participant at the Potters tournament.  She is now a first team player for Basildon Red but is seen helping Blacks when needed.

Lisa Johnston
A shooter is what Basildon Blacks wanted and that is what they got when Lisa joined.  An excellent GS who has an eye for the game from one end of the court to the other.  A steal from Blackwater...!
Natalie Lewis

Natalie joined the Club, primarily playing for the Basildon team in summer 2010.  Her main position is GD but after heavily damaging her ankle early on in the season, she has been easing herself back into the sport and playing GK.  She helped out over at Southend and will no doubt be called upon to help out in Thurrock.

Lorraine Milligan
Thurrock & Basildon Red Captain/Manager & Club Treasurer
Lorraine has recently taken over the mantel of manager/captain of both Thurrock and Basildon Red team and is now also the club's Treasurer.  She is predominately a Red team player but can also be spotted playing in the Basildon Black team.
Lucy Mitchell

Lucy is versatile player who began as a GD for the Basildon team in 2005.  Since then she played as a first team player for Southend, but is now an integral part of the Basildon Black team with a versatility to play any position need.  Lucy also assists the Thurrock team when needed and also plays for another team in Southend.

Wendy Montague
Wendy joined Sanders early in 2010 after being introduced to us by our then coach Steph.  She is a superb WA who desperately wants to be a GK!  She has great court presence and you can hear her whatever end of the court you're on.  She has returned as a first team player for Basildon Black just 5 weeks after giving birth!  She also helps Thurrock when needed and plays for a team in Chelmsford.
Katie Smith
Katie has recently joined Sanders playing for both Thurrock and Basildon Reds.  She is a fierce and quick centre court player.  She has on many occasion helped Basildon Black.
Santina Thomas

Santina has been playing for Sanders since August 2009. She has played for most teams but now mainly helps the Thurrock team when required. She has her own team in Basildon but is a 'C' award umpire and helps Sanders teams when an umpire is needed. You can normally hear her before you see her, and if she’s not on the court playing, she’s off the court eating!

Santina also plays for her team in Chelmsford.

Performance history
2016 -Summer8008
2015 - Summer9305
2014 - Summer5203
2013 - Summer1001
2012 - Summer3102
2011 - Summer7402