Sanders Netball Club

Sanders Netball Club Thurrock Red squad

Thurrock Red

Captain : Katie Smith

Thurrock Captain

Katie initially joined Sanders playing for both Thurrock and Basildon.  She has recently taken over the mantel of Captain for Thurrock.  She is a fierce and quick centre court player and on many occasions helps out the Basildon Black team.

Vice Captain : Lorraine Milligan

Thurrock Vice-Captain & Club Treasurer
Lorraine has recently taken stepped down as captain of Thurrock but continues to support as vice-capital  She is also the club's Treasurer.  She is predominately a Thurrock team player but can usually be spotted playing in the Basildon Black team too.
Debbie Leverson

Club Liaison Officer & Basildon Black Vice-Captain
Debbie has been with Sanders for a few years now, registering in winter 2008 and is a first team player for
Basildon Black.  A fierce winger in either attack or defence and always fights hard during any game.  She can also be seen assisting when required for the Thurrock team.  A committee member and also Web Editor.

Santina Thomas

Santina has been playing for Sanders since August 2009. She has played for most teams but now mainly helps the Thurrock team when required. She has her own team in Basildon but is a 'C' award umpire and helps Sanders teams when an umpire is needed. You can normally hear her before you see her, and if she’s not on the court playing, she’s off the court eating!

Santina also plays for her team in Chelmsford.

Jo Whittington

Jo started off playing defence for Sanders in 2007 but her versatility means she is often seen playing in all sorts of positions from Centre to Goal Defence.  She is a first team player for Basildon Black and helps the Thurrock team when required. 

Performance history
2016 -Summer9008
2015 - Summer13319
2014 - Summer13319